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Ffern Podcast As The Season Turns cover image - an illustration of moons, birds and stars

As the Season Turns

A Podcast by Ffern

Here at Ffern, we are always thinking about the seasons; each of our fragrances is designed to celebrate the unique olfactory landscape of a particular time of year in a particular place. To share our delight in the changes each month brings, we created ‘As the Season Turns’ in partnership with Lia Leendertz, author of the Seasonal Almanacs.

Since its first episode in January 2021, the podcast has gone from strength to strength, ending its first year as one of Apple Podcasts’ Best of 2021. Released on the first of the month, each episode follows the changing landscape of the seasons - from the moon and the stars, to the tides and the trees.

We very much hope that this brief guide to the month ahead will awaken you to the rhythms of the year, and help you to settle deeper into the seasons.


December's episode features a tree dressing ritual to light the winter dark. We spend a final moment with our oak tree and beehive, and hear some pointers for planting evergreen shrubs. We hear about Holda, an ancient winter goddess, listen to the songs of tiny wrens and mark the winter solstice.

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For November, we lean into the darkening days with a focus on colourful leaves, bonfires and a bright bird of the month - the starling. We plant tulips, visit the Bridgwater Carnival and catch a glimpse the dark side of the moon.


In October, our oak tree's leaves are turning brown and beginning to fall. We revisit the bee hive as it prepares for winter, share a recipe for soul cakes, and explore traditions around Samhain. This month's candlelit ritual is for Halloween night - and in the meantime, look out for mushrooms, the season's finest fruit.


In September's episode, we consider the 'new year' feel of the month and celebrate the Harvest Moon. We go foraging for damsons and visit Britain's estuaries to look for wading birds. Jupiter is bright in the sky above, and this month's ritual helps us find balance as we move into Libra season.


In our August episode, we find out why leaves get darker as summer progresses. We hear the story of Lugh and the harvest and set intentions for the final third of the year in a breadmaking ritual. Up above, there is lots to see in the night sky; down below, we give some flower garden tips and visit our beehive.


For July, we explore the folk tradition of the Rose Queen. We mark the weather on St Swithin's Day, check in with the beehive and pick sweetpeas from the flower garden. The Wort Moon rises over July's rich greenery. And in the warm nights, we head outside for a spot of stargazing.


In our June episode, gooseberries are ripening in the kitchen garden, our birds of the month are cooing from the treetops and the beehive is entering its busiest and most prosperous season. We perform a love ritual, explore the traditions surrounding midsummer bonfires and ask why the midsummer moon is low while the midwinter moon is high.


In May's episode, our oak tree is finally in leaf! We investigate Maytime traditions, make elderflower mead from Finland and anticipate a total lunar eclipse. This month's ritual involves bathing your face in pre-dawn dew; and we set out some tips for your flower garden and hanging baskets.


For April, we search for signs of spring - brimstone butterflies, wild garlic, cuckoos. A Ukrainian folk tale explains why April weather is so volatile, while this month's ritual might help you come to terms with the flashes of rain and sunshine that characterise this time of year.


For our March episode, we climb high into the sky with our bird of the month, the skylark. We make a pilgrimage to the Isles of Scilly and look for boxing hares. We check in with our oak tree as it prepares for spring and we perform our own springtime ritual: gifting seeds for the equinox.


In February's episode, we make a St Brigid's Day pilgrimage from Faughart to Kildare, exploring the links between Brigid, Imbolc and Candlemas. We plant bulbs 'in the green', find out what's in season and check in with our oak tree, who is providing safe harbour for some bright winter visitors.


For our first episode of 2022, we begin a year-long acquaintance with the English oak. We head inside the beehive, explore the history of wassailing, and follow the epic migration of the humpback whale. We find out what's in season and check in with winter's brightest bird: the robin. Wassailing Words: “Here’s to thee, old apple-tree, Whence thou may’st bud, and whence thou may’st blow, And whence thou may’st bear apples enow Hats full! caps full! Bushel-bushel-sacks full, And my pockets full, too, huzza!”

December 21

For December, we go carolling for the full moon and enjoy the midwinter charm of Christmas roses. We make a pilgrimage to Stone Henge for the winter solstice, follow the redwing's migration patterns, and touch upon the different types of frost.

November 21

For our colourful November episode, we celebrate winter's brightest flowers, chrysanthemums. We share a recipe for bonfire toffee apples, explore nature's November fireworks - the Leonids meteor shower - and spend time with the remarkable Atlantic salmon, who will be swimming upriver this month.

October 21

For October, we follow the vast, though little understood migration of the European eel. We hear the tale of Merlin's apples, ponder why October's full moon is known as the Hunter's Moon, and wonder when the first frosts will reach us.

September 21

In September's episode, we track the slow drift into autumn. Hearing a tale of Ganesh and the moon, we explore the names for September's full moon, the Harvest Moon. We visit the border between France and Switzerland for a very special cheese, follow the migrations of Nathusius' pipistrelle bats, and encounter the spirit of the corn.

August 21

For our August episode, we trace the epic migrations of dragonflies along with the rasping music of the grasshopper chorus. We discuss the wonders of the Perseids meteor shower (look up on the 13th and 14th of this month) and walk through a garden meditation for August.

July 21

In this episode, we celebrate the rich offerings of July, the 'Month of the Hay'. We check in on the hedgerows, discover the delights of oxeye daisies, and explore what's happening in the skies this month, reflecting on the names for July's full moon. ⁠

June 21

For our June episode, we plan for summer. We revisit the dormice and hedgehogs we saw nesting in earlier months, hear of the epic migrations of painted lady butterflies, learn about the best methods for making jam and explore the folk traditions surrounding midsummer.

May 21

For the May episode of our podcast, we explore the changing hedgerows, the traditions and folklore surrounding May Day, how primroses can help to ward off fairies, the return of the swallows and the names of the month's full moons: Mother’s Moon, Bright Moon and Flower Moon.

April 21

For April, we explore the traditional names for the month, the changing hedgerows, the beauty of the bluebell, how to navigate by the crescent moon and why decorated eggs came to be associated with Easter.

March 21

For the March episode, we explore the traditional names for the month, the moons and the tides, the types of nest each bird is building, how to help hedgehogs as they emerge from hibernation and the history and folklore surrounding the humble daffodil. ⁠

February 21

For February, we explore the Romani name for the month, why it is the time for plans and new beginnings, the blue tit’s mating rituals, the migration of the toad and the moons that will grace our night sky. Each of the monthly chapters in Lia’s almanac ends with a folk song - for February Lia brings one to life, singing a traditional shanty.

January 21

For January, we explore the origins of the month’s name, the moons and the tides, the changing hedgerows, the traditions surrounding the first day of the new year and the different types of snow.

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